Tuesday, 11 October 2011

       am Radhakrishna ,working as a Matte paint artist in an Animation studio.
I was born and broughtup in a small village called Sathamangalam in Tamilnadu.
The art works done by My brother inspired me to draw during my childhood days.
After completing my schooling, i joined a Fine arts college in Kumbakonam.
I learnt drawing principles like line,shapes,perspective,light&shade, colors &
composition there,and also read about Great artists,Paintings and their Biography.
I was inspired by Impressionist artists Claude monet,Edouard manet,Pissarro,Degas.
William turner and Sisley landscape paintings also inspired me a lot.

    I have done my Master degree in Painting at Madras University.During my college days
i worked in a 2d animation company as an Inbetween artist.
  I was highly inspired by The Lion king,Mulan,Prince of Egypt,My Neighbor Totoro & Bambi
to draw backgrounds (which lead me to learn photoshop).Also CG websites like CG Society,
Mattepainting.org,CG tantra etc inspired me to do Concept art & Mattepaintings.
 I also got many ideas by studying the works of artists like Dylan cole,Dusso,Alp altiner,
Sparth during this stage.

    I have worked Matte paintings for many feature films.It excites me to see my works
on screen and that really makes me happy to work in this field. I am still a learner
and each experience makes me realise that the learning process in art is endless..